“In an interim solution speed is needed but it is mainly about the right professional. Our consultants will go deeper in to this when taking stock of your requirements so that there is a clear starting point. This input is for us the basis for a careful selection of the right professional both in terms of the person and the experience.”

Alex Damen, Managing Partner and Interim Specialist at Iduet

Temporary extra expertise

Iduet works within its fields with permanent employees and freelance professionals. Our consultants maintain an extensive network of clients and interim professionals.

During the realization of a major project or the implementation of a new system, adequate ICT solutions are essential. An organization always wants to be able to rely on the IT infrastructure. The flexible deployment of an IT professional offers a solution.

The responsibility of financial departments is increasing. More efficient and transparent processes are in place, whilst daily business continues. A merger or reorganization may result in a tax issue that requires temporary additional financial expertise. The Finance Professionals of Iduet can be used for all operational, analytical and control positions at college and university level.

What does your ideal e-commerce organization look like? What elements do you fill internally and what expertise do you hire in? The complexity and the market trends are continually forcing organizations to make the right choice between a good balance of permanent and temporary expertise in the area of ​​Content Management and Online Marketing. Our specialists will be happy to talk with you again.

Employees are always involved when addressing issues focused on growth and flexibility. Therefore there can not be any risk. Motivated staff is the basis to keep each company moving . Temporary deployment of the right HR Specialist offers during these moments an outcome.

Inflow Phases

Iduet interim has the following intake phases for professionals

Phase I Young Professional
The young professional with ambition and a maximum of three years work experience. Through Iduet these skilled candidates get the opportunity to further develop and push their limits. Iduet provides personal guidance and training. These employees work on various projects. The young professionals are well-trained,possess strong communication skills, are ambitious and versatile. Keywords are enthusiasm, knowledge and flexibility.

Phase II Mid-career Professional
The passionate professional who can carry a project based on extensive knowledge. Enterprising candidates who through the versatility of interim want to take the the next step in their careers to enhance their knowledge even further. The mid-career professional has specific expertise and can therefore be used at high levels. Keywords are specialist, drive and problem solving.

Phase III Senior Professional
The experienced professional who is mediated via Iduet, on either a project or freelance basis. Professionals who are specialists in your issues and can bring structure to an organization, department, or team. An interim professional who can be the leading manager for you and sustain projects at a high level.