A temporary professional via Iduet

If you need to temporarily fill a vacancy or you want to make a change within your organization, you can use one of our professionals on a temporary basis. Iduet will ensure your criteria and needs are clearly identified and met, thus allowing for a speedy, accurate selection process in order to place the right interim candidate within your organization.

Benefits of interim professionals:

As a customer the ability to determine the project duration.

An interim pays at a competitive rate, depending of course on the specific knowledge, the number of available hours and the period of employment.

Industry specialist
Iduet ensures we are up to date with the specific needs and changing trends within your industry, thus allowing for us to identify accurately the best available professional for the job as
rapidly as possible.

Excellent presentation
Interimmers bring to organizations numerous beneficial qualities and skills; effective communicators, results-oriented, adaptable , accustomed to mastering new environments quickly and efficiently.